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bloodtypeoh: style guide

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This is a link, it doesn't go anywhere

This is a sample of the blockquote html tag.

- My own damn self

sample of the <code> html tag

sample of the em tag

sample of the em tag with c class

sample of the em tag with bw class

sample of the marker span class

The following is an example of the <hr> tag:

That was the <hr> tag. This is a pragraph. The nature of the having mode of existence follows from the nature of private property. In this mode of existence all that matters is my acquisition of property and my unlimited right to keep what I have acquired. The having mode excludes others; it does not require any further effort on my part to keep my property or to make productive use of it. The Buddha has described this mode of behavior as craving, the Jewish and Christian religions as coveting; it transforms everybody and everything into something dead and subject to another’s power. (Erich Fromm, To Have or To Be?)

Black and white non-representative self-portrait. Imagine a little stumpy guy with horns
This is a sample of the <figure> and <figcaption> tags, featuring yours truly ;)
Sample of the <dl> description list element.
I'll give you my favorite:

Dark (>70% cacao)

Here's an unordered list of my favorite animals:

Here's an ordered list of places I want to go:

  1. Japan, to look for siebold earthworms
  2. Chicxulub crater in Mexico
  3. Chicago, again
  4. Atlanta, again
  5. Puerto Rico, again
    • But this time I wanna go to El Yunque
    • ...and catch coquis!