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Welcome to my website :-)

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update log

2023-08-28 New shrine pages for Love and Bald Bitches, the latter of which was completed for 32-Bit Cafe's Community Code Jam. Uhh, what else... Oh, new memes are up. If you don't feel like hitting reload a bunch of times to see the new ones, you can just go straight to the directory (it's ordered newest to oldest).

Past updates

2023-08-14 Unplanned css style overhaul! Gotta love that ADHD hyperfocus. The site is now the most accessible it's ever been :-D /drawlog and /medialog still have the old css styling but will be updated soon. Also, I made a new button (animated version)! Been wanting to make a new one for a while, my old one was ugly as sin. So please update my button on your sites! There's more (much more) I want to work on, but I have to wrangle my brain into submission and work on other things now. Soon!

2023-08-11 Joined melanated webring. iloveyou.html is live (not mobile compatible).

2023-07-23 The meme page got an overhaul! It's been given its own directory and now lives at memes/index.html. Over 100 memes have been added! Additionally, instead of getting a single meme randomly, you can now view all 321 of them (and counting) by visiting the directory. Excited about this update, I've been planning it for a while!

2023-07-13 The commissions page is up. If you've ever enjoyed my art and want to support me, this is currently the best way! My ko-fi is also open for smaller donations. Actual site updates coming soon...(I have a few planned)!

2023-07-07 Most of the (non-decorative) images across the main site have alt text now. Images in /shrines and /drawlog still need alt text. Additonally, all of the pages across the main site no longer rely on javascript or jQuery for scroll to top (save for pages in /shrines).

2023-06-28 Sorry for the long pause, I was moving and life got away from me. Biggest change is that most pages no longer rely on javascript for scroll to top. New neo neighbors added to links page. Miscellaneous tweaks otherwise.

2023-04-15 Finally went ahead and got a domain name - the sites URL is now! It should redirect from the old URL, but go ahead and update any links you may have anyways. Also, the media log is finally updated.

2023-04-04 Tsukishima shrine completed.

2023-03-30 Changed dates accross the site to fit the ISO 8601 standard. Buttons on link page are now ordered alphabetically. Draw log updated, only one entry for this month. RSS feed launched.

2023-03-14 Osaka has retired as home page guardian and Marine Iguana has taken her place :-) I've made a site map and linked it in the main menu.

2023-03-10 New look for the 404 page (100% smellier). Links updated with new neighbors. Blurb on about page changed.

2023-02-22 Created and added foryou.html. Only has a phone BG (for now). I've been thinking of adding that page for a while now, but don't have anything in the way of graphics or sozai (don't really have the drive or skill to make those myself). So, I'm glad I found this thing in my archives...! I have to think of other things I can make or add on to here. We'll see. Also, I haven't been posting to the drawlog, so that will be updated very soon.

2023-02-06 Memes page has been updated and now hosts an even 200 memes! Media log has been updated as well. Parts of the site were stuck in 2022, so that's also been fixed.

2023-01-12 This years media log is up, and this time it's mobile friendly.

2023-01-08 Tsukishima shrine is finally launched! Not complete yet but it's a good way there. Did some internal reorganizing, updated the links page and the draw log as well. Need to work on a new (ideally mobile friendly) layout for this years media log, so that's probably what's next.
By the way, if we're mutuals and you want to be linked (and you're not already), please contact me! I try to get everyone but I'm forgetful. Otherwise, I'll get you next time I update the links page.

2023-01-04 First update of the new year! Overhauled index.html, and changed css style for the rest of the site. The sketch log has been renamed to the draw log. Finally, last years update log has been moved to its own dedicated page, updatelog22.html. More changes to come content-wise, this update was largely for aesthetics. New year, new look :-)