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Many of the links on this page go to sites that are not mobile compatible, are lacking in accessibility, or both.

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Gamera aka Anita


The Lilac Lynx 32-Bit Cafe lulu in cyberspace Dannarchy FOOL LOVERS Asterism CSS, Fandom, and Nonsense Texture Town
Igiari font by Cava
Argent font by Connery
Sligoil font on tsukishima.html by VTF
1bit Monitor Glow Palette by Polyducks
Icons from the Iconolog
Apple emojis sourced from the Unicode emoji list
Badges on about.html from pinkvampyr and here
Images dithered with dithermark
Meme directory inspired by screenshot garden and made possible with tree

around the web

jeith! jeith!
a gallery of rotating food gifs
archive of ikea catalogues dating back to 1950
normal cat pictures
site of Vaginal Davis
potato desktop companion
electric zine maker
all of andrew loomis' books
list of physical visualizations
you fell asleep watching a dvd
catland: high quality archive of Louis Wain's works
feed the worm
MoMA but with GIFs
Anna Firth's tutorials on easy & accessible cel animation
the eater of meaning
spongebob pitch bible
the M in ms paint stands for MILF
the inside of a bag of cornflakes
i want a dyke for president
free wallpapers on
a field of flowers