the man, the myth, the failure


Tsukishima Hajime
34 or something
April 1st ()
軍曹 (Gunsō)
Sado Island
Japanese Russian
Rice Long baths


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  1. 363N3 - King Krule
  2. Blessing - Alex G
  3. Under The Water - Hand Habits & Amelia Meath
  4. Into the Darkness - Ultimate Painting
  5. Wholebody Blues - Kane Strang
  6. Dogs - Pile
  7. A Man Is Not His Song - Feist
  8. Heavy Steps - Wilsen
  9. Mourning Sound - Grizzly Bear
  10. Bloods on Fire - Pinback
  11. Criminals - Atlas Sound
  12. I'll Fight - Wilco
  13. Tree Among Shrubs - Men I Trust

Full playlist / spotify mirror here. I didn't feel like uploading 25 songs...

Who is this freak? Sergeant Tsukishima Hajime is a character from the animanga series Golden Kamuy, created by Satoru Noda.
Why do I love him so much? The short answer is he's unfortunately very much my type1, and his story is tragic in a way that especially appeals to me. He's a miserable, wretched little thing and for this very reason I am enamoured.
The long answer is currently hiding in my notes app, in the form of a meta analysis essay, which may not ever see the light of day.

I first got into Golden Kamuy (and consequently Tsukishima) around January '21. My interest in the series is long gone by now, but I'm still obsessed with this ugly freak. At this point, it very well might be for life! Anyways, you've scrolled all the way through my e-shrine, now check out my physical shrine:
dated January 2023
Not pictured: a handful of pins, charms and doujinshi2. It's not much, but it's growing, albeit at a snail's pace... Having anime meow-meows is expensive. Especially one as niche3 as this... proxy shipping costs a fortune. And I'm always so broke~ If money were no matter the shrine would be much bigger by now. But not that big. I'm picky about merch...

As a disclaimer: as much as I love Tsukishima, I actually hate GK. I have a lot of criticisms of the series that I won't get into here. I'm grateful to the series because I met a lot of dear friends through it and it gave me this fake guy to rotate in my head, but that's about it... I wouldn't recommend it personally.


1) Short, bald, and stoic.

2) Self-published literature or manga, most often derivative in nature (aka fan art or fan fiction).

3) Niche in the west. Golden Kamuy is fairly popular in Japan, and Tsukishima is shockingly popular within the fandom. There's even a yearly conference dedicated entirely to objectifying him!