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posted august 8, 2022
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the story of the turtle and the crane

Tsurumi's animal counterpart is a crane, specifically the red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis). It is present in the first character of his name (鶴), and in the scar tissue that mars the upper third of his face, analogous to the red marking on the bird's head. There's also this drawing by noda that states it very clearly:

It's pretty on-the-nose.

Tsukishima isn't given a direct animal counterpart in the manga, though he's been assigned a few by fandom (rabbit, turtle, frog, etc.) for now, I'll focus on turtle. My reasoning for assigning him turtle kin is as follows: have you seen him? You look at this thing and tell me it doesnt look like a turtle. And if you want better reasoning, well... Tsukishima is a manlet, low to the ground. Turtles are terrestial animals. And the thick protective shell iconic to all turtles - Tsukishima shares this as well, although his is a metaphorical/emotional one.
With these animal counterparts in mind, Tsukishima and his relationship with Tsurumi is reminiscent of a japanese folktale, The Crane and the Turtle. The folktale serves to tell the story of how turtles got cracks on their shells (and Tsukishima's physical shell is covered in many 'cracks').

The folktale obviously isn't a 1:1 fit for these two - but there is a striking resemblance. Tsurumi, capable of flight, liberates Tsukishima from his lot in life. Our turtle is able to see things he wouldn'tve been able to otherwise; learns a new language, a new country. Of course, our tsuru is not as selfless as the tsuru in the folktale. The liberation he's granted tsukishima is false - and much like the turtle in the folktale, when Tsukishima confronts Tsurumi for his deceit, he falls and cracks his shell.

The turtle falls and cracks his shell.

a different frame to view tsukishimas abdominal scar: a wound on his tender vulnerable belly. the marked loss of virility. refer to that one fan comic

turtle broth contents

so, Tsukishima is a turtle. Tsukishima loves taking baths, and everyone knows baths are just people soup. So, what makes up the contents of this turtle's broth?

He lives in Poland without the La

We are an amalgamation of not only our lived experiences, but of everyone we have ever loved, touched or been touched by. It follows then that Tsukishima is many things: a scorned son, village outcast, lover, soldier, prisoner, unknowing victim, loyal sergeant, a willing victim.
Ultimately though, none of this matters.

rejecting personhood

Tsukishima is a character defined by his loyalty - he is obedient, to a fault. Blind service is all he has ever known, all he's ever cared to know. The institution of war hinges itself on men like Tsukishima: men who not only have nothing, but are nothing. The title of 'soldier' necessitates the willing abdication of ones own personhood. This is as true today as it was in Meiji era Japan. And really, such a role is perfect for him. This is where part of my fascination in him lies: his utter willingness to subjugate himself. There is this tendency within the fandom, I've noticed, to imagine a 'redemption' of sorts for Tsukishima. Some would consider the ending to be just that, although that is a lead-brained take. The man has suffered and lived a hard life, sure; But this does not engender in me a desire to take him out of that strife, or to mend him. I've never once entertained the thought of what he could be, if he were to somehow wring himself from the clutches of the IJA or Tsurumi. Honestly, how fucking hilarious! The man believes he is beyond any reparation; in his own words, "it's too late for me." This is objectively untrue, a cringe and defeatest sentiment that he's hammered into his own brain over years...

in all colors and prizes... will always remain.

an argument for turtle euthanasia

he should die because it would be sexy of him and also i would enjoy it

scraps n quotes

-- he doesn’t care to know anything else or to try to be better. because the reflection required is tantamount to self evisceration. though he is no stranger to evisceration - the physical kind, received or inflicted, thoughtless and indiscriminate in nature, the kind borne on the battlefield. But evisceration necessitated by war, and the self-evisceration necessary for self reflection are vastly different. the psychic pain of the latter is inconceivable to a man. tsukishima is a soldier before he is a man, and soldiers

-- tsurumi granted him false salvation, and the pain he inflicted in tsurumi’s name was inflicted back to him in kind. violence is a two way street. you cannot betray another persons humanity without betraying your own. and so has tsukishima’s humanity been chipped away at, through his years of serving tsurumi. and all the better for the lieutenant ,to cultivate his unflinching pawn.

people will obey those who command them to push the deadly buttons, brcause they will obey the archaic passions of fear, hate, and greed; because they will obey obsolete clichés of State soverignty and national honor.
My obedience makes me part of the power I worship...

i think both are these are from erich fromm #FROMMGRANG