Bald Bitches

Somewhere along the way, I've developed an affinity for Bald Bitches. This page is dedicated to all of my favorite bald bitches from various media.

vip section

Tsukishima (Golden Kamuy)

THEE Bald Bitch, my #1 scrunkle-doo and worst to ever do it. He already has his own page so I won't say much here. I love this panel of him, he looks like an angry lil frog.

Mike (Breaking Bad)

I will spare you the old man lust. Suffice it to say he is the Realest MF on this entire page, best to ever do it, etc. Pictured is one of my favorite scenes of his where his ear gets nipped in a shoot-off :-) (I like it when men bleed)

mvb (most valuable baldy)

Nacho (Better Call Saul)

If you look up the phrase Baby Girl in the dictionary this is the picture you get. His eyelashes are deviously long. Beautiful doe eyes. Shout out to his autistic polycule.

honorable mentions

Isaac (Netflix Castlevania)

I remember nothing about netflix Castlevania or Isaac, just that he's FOINE(fine) as hell.

Megamind (Megamind)

Megamind was a very strange bisexual man with undiagnosed ADHD. Out of control.

If you would like to discuss bald bitches with me, or want to bring a bald bitch to my attention, please e-mail me.

This page was made for 32-Bit Cafe's Community Code Jam #2.