epic art by daniel
11 y/o
domestic shorthair
grey & white tabby
D.O.B. (EST)
nov 2011
nov 2013
nena, nena fresa, katrina ball, baby, baby girl, cinnamon apple, angel, less than 90 degrees acute-y angle, & many many more

I adopted Katrina from a local shelter when I was in high school. As of writing this I've had Katrina for 9 years, almost a decade of my life, and every second has been richer for it. So much has happened in that time: I've crossed state lines, graduated high school and college, moved apartments, people have come and gone, friends and lovers alike, and she's been at my side for all of it. The awe and novelty I felt when I first brought her home hasn't faded one bit in all these years; every day I wake up to see this animal in my home and I'm as amazed as I was on the first day. Katrina is my daughter, my best friend, and the reason I'm still kicking. Thank you Katrina baby!!