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bloodtypeoh: draw log (12.22)


tags: #ocs #elba #drfowler

HAPPY NEW YEARS! I haven't drawn a lot the past two weeks, between work and traveling for the holidays I've been busy. The new year's tradition and superstition that has been passed down to me is: the state of your home, and what you're doing when you're welcoming the new year will set the tone for the rest of the year. So I finished up my deep cleaning today, and spent part of the evening with friends. The rest of the evening I had to myself, so I welcomed the new years drawing my OCs :^) I love them a lot, and I want to draw more of them in the year to come. Maybe even talk about them more...! Outside of that, I haven't thought of any goals or resolutions, art-wise or in general. I don't put too much weight on resolutions, especially around new years.
Can't think of a way to tie this off, so I'll leave you with this: playlists for both Elba and Dr. Fowler. I've been curating them privately for a while, and only just recently made it public for mutuals, but you're welcome to listen too. I haven't talked about either of them at all on this site, but their playlists will tell you plenty about them: what kind of things they'd listen to, mostly, but their energies as well. And besides that, I just have a good/varied taste in music :-)
If you're reading this: thanks for looking at my art scraps! It's weird for me to conceptualize that other people actually look at this, but I guess that's the case. Here's to a new year and new art!


tags: #fanart #tsukishima #fanart

Danney let me draw on his new ipad so I drew Tsukishima for Manlet Monday and he ended up coloring it :^)


tags: #oc #elba #fanart #tsukishima

Working on a redraw of this.

Testing out new marker brushes...

Island brat.


tags: #oc #elba #drfowler #art4friends


tags: #oc #elba #art4friends #fanart #gk #tsuki

I read a shoujo recently thinking it would be a butch4butch yuri (I guess my gay brain was projecting onto the summary I read...?) anyways the manga was mediocre, but the school uniforms were cute and I wanted to see Elba in one.

Elba and her pet beetle Ginto, probably going to be a cover for her playlist.

Friends OC, his name is Ali :-)

Messing around with brushes again

I saw some pose models from @kamitokatachi and had to use them for Tsukishima pinups, good old self-indulgence.