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bloodtypeoh: draw log (09.22)


Cafe doodles (right side) and brush tests (left side, digital). I always feel like there's a huge discrepancy between my digital and traditional work... namely that I'm so used to drawing digitally, my skill/muscle memory doesn't necessarily transfer over to pen and paper. Is it obvious...?

More brush tests, from a pack of monoliners. Thanks to Danney for the brushes :-) He's open for commissions, by the by ;-0


tags: #oc #sonia #fanart #tsuki

I follow a bot on twitter that posts vintage GIFs, and many times the GIFs are pinups. Sometimes I see a pinup and I'm like "this is fine, but what if it was fatter?" or "what if it was my blorbo?" The good(?) news is that god gave me two hands and the motivation to draw. Anyways, the pinups I refrenced: one & two

This one was just an inch too saucy so I cropped it. I don't draw nsfw too often, but if I end up finishing this or other saucy things in the future... thinking of having a special locked page on here for that kind of thing, or I might just keep it to myself. We'll see.

&&& This one I forgot to post! :-) From the other week or so.


tags: #oc #elba


tags: #oc #elba


tags: #oc #wip
Tus hermanitos serán mis cuñados
Tus papacitos serán mis suegros
Y tú la prenda más querida...

Warm up drawing of a friends OC that I had the honor of naming!! Her name is Cebolla

I wish I could share more of what I'm working on for this zine. not sure when I'll be able to share my final pieces, so I guess I'll just be sitting on them for a while...! But here's a wip in the mean time.