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bloodtypeoh: draw log (08.22)


tags: #fanart #goldenkamuy

I'm working on something for a Golden Kamuy zine right now - my piece focuses on Tsukishima. Incorporating Tsurumi (crane) into a composition so I did some quick crane studies.

This was going to be for the zine, but I ended up scrapping it. Might use it for a playlist cover instead.


tags: #fanart #cookierun

White ghost cookie! I've been playing cookierun for a long time now (over a year?) but I don't think I've ever done fan art for it. White ghost cookie is just that cute!! She's got the anime girl hair vents and she's giving Utena vibes. Took me a lil too long to realize that she's based off a cactus tho

Trying to get back into drawing in my sketchbook but digital has me so spoiled. My problem isn't even that I can't ctrl + z, I know everyone likes to complain about that... It's that I can't flip the canvas.


tags: #oc #xiomara #elba #drfowler