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bloodtypeoh: draw log (02.23)


tags: #fanart #csm #gk #dunmeshi #oc #elba

URETHRA!! I read Chainsaw Man recently. This doodle got 3k + likes on twitter, which is the most I've ever gotten on my art. I just wish it had happened sooner, when I actually cared about views and engagement. I much prefer sharing my art in this little corner...

Messing around with various things: color jitter, textures, layer properties.

Having fun in kidpix!

Drawings for friends based off of the Shaq emotion chart. (It's hard to express emotion through such a heavy beard... Ryoko Kui is seriously a master.)

And last, but not least...

I can finally share my final pieces for the GK Book! Featuring my tormented babygirl Tsukishima ❤ I posted some sketches for it all the way back in August, I think. It's been a while! If there are any Golden Kamuy fans reading this, def check it out :-) There's a lot of good art in here!! Looking forward to getting my copy.


tags: #hourlies #comics

February 1st is hourly comics day! You can see the rest of my entries for the day on it's dedicated page.