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bloodtypeoh: draw log (01.23)


tags: #fanart #tsukishima #original #oc #elba #drfowler

Still not doing great but trying to draw anyways.


tags: #fanart #brba #original #oc #elba

Was thinking the other night about what pokemon Elba and Dr. Fowler would have on their teams, then realized they'd all just be bug types LOL

Redraw of this screen... still working on my brba rewatch, down to the last season now.

This new year is off to a rough start mental health wise which means I've had trouble drawing :-( Wish I was the van-gogh type that could draw through the misery. I hope things pick up soon...


tags: #fanart #tsukishima

HAPPY NEW YEARS! 2023 Will be the year of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. Perfect excuse to draw bunny pinups of your meowmeows and babygirls. Tsukishima in particular is quite bunny like so it fits perfectly imo.