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crab holding up a tablet pen in its claws saying 'Comissions are OPEN!'

Commissions are OPEN!

If you enjoy my work and want to support me without commissioning me, my ko-fi tip jar is open!


Black and White Toned currently reduced!

Color /w Simple Shading

Rates listed in USD. Extra fee for more than one character in a composition or backgrounds, starting at +$5.


Hover for uncropped view. Right click to view full size in a new tab, or long press on mobile. For NSFW samples, please contact me.

Please Note

In commissioning me, you agree to the following:

WILL DO: Most things, including explicit NSFW.

WON'T DO: Heavy gore, rape, incest, subjects that are inflammatory or bigoted in nature, pedophilia or otherwise innapropiate depictions of minors.


For commission inquiries, please reach me at:
@bloodtypeoh on discord or twitter DMs.

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